[Dixielandjazz] Cherry - key?

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Sun Oct 1 11:37:23 PDT 2006

Hi All. I'm trying to make a lead sheet of Don Redman's "Cherry" or
"20s-30s Fake Book", and want some opinions on what the "standard" key is.

DC circles play it in C. The original sheet music key was Eb, but sheet
music from 1944 and 1955 (actually a reissue of the 1944 music), plus a
vocal lead sheet from a 1941 stock chart have it in C. Curiously, the 1941
and 1944 sheets both have different lyrics from the 1928...

Cherry is the one girl   that I've always   loved.///   ////
Cherry is the name I'm   akways thinking   of.///   ////
Although she keeps re-   fusing and de-   lay-///   ing,///
These are the words I   constantly keep   say-///   ing.///
Cher-/ry,/   Cher-/ry,/   I'll make a bet/   ////
Cher-/ry,/   Cher-/ry,/   I'll get you yet./   ////
Some-/ day,/   Cher-/ry,/   You'll be my pet./   ////
Right/ now,/   Cher-/ry,/   the date is set./   ////
When you're mine/   // you'll/   soon find out/   ////
Just what love/   // is/   all about./   // Oh!/
Cher-/ry,/   Cher-/ry,/  you're hard to get./   ////
Cher-/ry,/   Cher-/ry,/  I'll get you yet./   ///|
No one in this world will   ever take your   place,///   ////
Even though you lead my   heart a merry   chase.///   ////
And all the while you're   innocently   play-///   ing///
Within a smile my   lonely heart keeps   say-///   ing.///
Cher-/ry/   Cher-/ry,/   ain't it a shame./   ////
That/ you/   can't/ be/   sweet as your name./   ////
Al-/ways/   flirt-/ in',/   havin' your fun./   ////
Nev-/er/   cer-/tain/   if I'm the one./   ///But
If I am,/   //I'll/   hang around/   /// till
You grow up/   // and/   settle down./   // But/
Will/ ya,/   while/ your/   heart's on a spree,/   ////
Cher-/ry,/   save/ your/   loving for me./   ///|
1941 (no verse)
Cher-/ry,/   Cher-/ry,/   your twinkling eyes,/   ////
Shame/ the/   start/ that/   light up the skies./   ////
Cher-/ry,/   Cher-/ry,/   nothing's worth while,/   ////
Til/ you/   warm/ my/   heart with your smile./   /// Your
Lovely face/   // is/   all I see/   ////
Anywhere/   // I/   chance to be./   // You/
Have/ a/   charm/ that/   my heart adores,/   ////
Cher-/ry,/   Cher-/ry,/   please make me yours./   /|||

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