[Dixielandjazz] Bringing the music to the people.

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A hard lesson I learned many many years ago as a Promoter was that you 
are indeed a Fool to try and promote anything to a young (teenage in 
particular audience) without enlisting their input and help and 
incorporating some of their ideas.

All too often Adults think they know best and simply try to impose 
their often narrow minded influences upon a rebellious inquisitive and 
hard to get motivated group of young malcontents going thru some 
difficult adjustment periods in their lives.

The sure fire way to turn them off and away form what you are trying to 
attract them to is to ignore them and what they think, ( right or 
wrong)   You often simply cannot TEll them, you have to SHOW them. :))  
And let them learn it for themselves while feeling that they actually 
had something to do with it and express their own creativity.

Gee didn't most of us do that ?   how quickly we forget. :))


Tom Wiggins

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    What a kick it is to see some musical activists trying to do 
something about
popularizing classical music in the USA. Now if we jazz heads could 
only get
together with Lincoln Center and do likewise.

We could use more promotion of Mighty Aphrodite, Jonathan Russell, Brett
Boyd and all the other young people who are outstanding OKOMers, etc.

Steve Barbone

Trying to Appeal to Youth With One of Their Own

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