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Dear Fred,

Thanks for your commend according Derwood Brown. I got a great response from
Cary Ginell himself. I posted is respond at the next blog I made about this
subject: http://keepswinging.blogspot.com/2006/11/derwood-brown.html
You're right when you say that Milton Brown was the director and not the
violin player. I guess I mixed up the < vel > behind the name of Milton
Brown with < vlns > as used  for violin. Milton did the vocals.


Keep swinging

Hans Koert

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You would be interested in the book by Cary Ginell, "Milton Brown and the
Founding of Western Swing," University of Illinois Press, 1994 (although as
you point out, the music was not called "western swing" until the 1940s).
The book gives a very detailed history of both the band and the musical

Incidentally, Milton Brown was not the fiddler.  Milton played no
instrument, but was the band manager, salesman, and vocalist.  Cecil Brower
was the fiddler on most of the Brownies' recordings.  According to Ginell,
Derwood preferred spelling his first name with an "e."

Audio engineer Michael Keefer did all the transfers from original 78 RPM
recordings (including many of mine) and the sound quality is amazing, far
better than that of the LPs or even the original 78s.

Best wishes,
Fred Hoeptner

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> I played myself the great LP Milton Brown & The Brownies - Easy Ridin'
> Papa
> (Charly CR 30264)
> In 1933 Milton Brown left the Dough Boys and founded his Musical Brownies.
> One of the musicians was his brother Durwood who played the guitar. When I
> listen to the LP of Milton Brown's Brownies Bob Dunn's amplified slide
> guitar takes a lot of attention and I find it difficult to hear Durwood's
> guitar playing, that seems to have been pretty good.
> Can someone inform if there are other recordings of Durwood Brown so I can
> make myself an idea of his guitar playing?
> Find an image of Durwood Brown at my web log:
> http://keepswinging.blogspot.com/2006/11/western-swing.html
> Keep swinging
> Hans Koert
> http://www.keepswinging.opweb.nl

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