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Hello Jim (and all),

You ask (regarding the Fresno festival):

>Where can one find online information about the Fresno Mardi Gras festival 
>in January 2007?

It just so happens that I am the Festival Editor for the American Rag and I 
just recently wrote the story about that very event.

Here it is in it's entirety:

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Live it up on “Fat Tuesday” (That’s English for Mardi Gras)
The Sounds of Mardi Gras
Radisson Hotel, Fresno, California
January 25-28, 2007

Fresno is located right at the geographical center of the state of 
California. Fresno is also the agricultural hub of the rich San Joaquin 
Valley. But in January, Fresno will be the center of some pretty hot musical 
	The Fresno Jazz Society is getting the jump into Mardi Gras (official date 
for 2007 is February 20th) with a hot line-up of ten fine jazz bands to get 
into the spirit of bead throwing, lots of dancing and all around party fun.
	The bands featured at this year’s event will be Fresno’s own Blue Street 
Jazz Band, Bob Schulz’ Frisco Jazz Band from San Francisco, CA and from 
Springfield, VA comes the ever popular Buck Creek Jazz Band.
	The High Sierra Jazz Band from Three Rivers, CA will be on hand along with 
Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band - a great “San Francisco Sound” band from Seattle, 
WA. Also appearing will be the New Reformation Jazz Band from Saginaw, MI. 
And Bill Richards’ Two-Beat Bombers with soprano saxophone genius, George 
	And from the great Northwest and Canada look for the young and energetic 
all-girl jazz band, Mighty Aphrodite, led by trumpeter/vocalist Bria 
Skonberg. In addition, from Canada comes the Grand Dominion Jazz Band and 
the Climax Jazz Band, both very hot bands on the festival circuit! Now those 
are ten great bands which can enliven any jazz festival anywhere!
	It all takes place at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in downtown 
Fresno at 2233 Ventura Street. With that line-up of bands it should be great 
	Under the heading of Special Events the Fresno Mardi Gras lists a Thursday 
Night Pre-Party, Lobby Entertainment by the Mel Ward Trio, and a special 
Friday Night Coronation. Also there will be special Swing Sets presented on 
Friday and Saturday.
	George Probert will appear as Guest Artist with featured bands on Saturday 
and Sunday (check your programs for time and venue). And on Saturday 
afternoon there’ll be a Parasol Parade and an evening Masquerade Parade. The 
Mardi Gras will wind up with a special Sunday Night Wind-Down Dinner and 
Dance featuring Climax Jazz Band, Buck Creek Jazz Band and George Probert.
	Two young ladies in particular (from the Mighty Aphrodite Jazz Band), 
clarinetist Claire McKenna and trumpeter Bria Skonberg will be appearing in 
two special sets with Climax Jazz Band and Bob Schulz’ Frisco Jazz Band. Be 
sure to check your programs for time and venue.
	There will be four venues located all under one roof at the Radisson Hotel. 
They are the large Salon Ballroom, a smaller venue located right next the 
the ballroom called Salon “A” and the Sequoia Room. In addition to these 
three there will be a stage with bands performing in the Atrium section of 
the hotel which is an open and spacious area where food and drink is 
available. There will be dance floors in all of the venues and the Salon 
Ballroom will have two dance floors available.
Accommodations may be booked at the Radisson Hotel (559-268-1000), La Quinta 
Inn (559-442-1110), the Super 8 Motel (559-268-0621), and the Four Points 
Sheraton Hotel (559-226-2200).
	Badge prices are: three day badges -$65 before December 17th and $70 after. 
Friday badges are $25, Saturday All Day Badges - $35, Saturday Evening from 
6 pm - $20, and the Sunday Badges are $20.
	The Thursday night Pre-Festival party is $15 and the Sunday night wind down 
dinner and dance will cost $27.50.
	Admission badges may be ordered by writing to the Fresno Dixieland Society, 
P.O. Box 16399, Fresno, CA 93755. You may also download an order form 
on-line at www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/blur/496/mardigras.html.
	For further information you may phone 559-292-2999 or eMail: 
frsdixie at aol.com.

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This may be too much information (or a least a bit more than you were asking 
for) but I hope it is of benefit to you.


Bill Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

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