[Dixielandjazz] OT: Anita O'Day

Steven Holzer slholzer at iquest.net
Fri Nov 24 12:01:33 PST 2006

Anyone who wants to see Anita O'Day at her very best should find a copy 
of the video "Jazz On A Summer Day". I think it was shot at the 1957 
Newport Jazz Festival. Her appearance is one of several excellent 
performances in the film. Mahalia Jackson has another.

In any event, I think the film shows why Anita O'Day, for all her 
technical limitations, was one of the most creative vocalists in jazz. 
If that doesn't persuade you, look up her interplay with Roy Eldridge in 
the Gene Krupa orchestra. I particularly liked "Let Me Off Uptown".

Steve Holzer

Hans en Corrie Koert wrote:

>I fully agree with you Stan and Tom.  She really was a great vocalist. I
>found her appearance at the 1958 Newport Festival and enjoyed her
>performance very much.
>I also uploaded an mp3 file of her recording What Is This Thing Called Love
>with Fats' Gang in 1948.

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