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Sorry to hear of the passing of Jerry. The first time I ever saw him was
when the band was playing Temptation and he was dancing on the rail at the
front of the stage.

John Mumford

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Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Jerry Sacco

Not too many of you may have known Jerry Sacco, but new Jerry well.
Jerry passed away Saturday November 11, 2006 after approximately a 2
year struggle with a berain tumor.
Originally from Connecticut, Jerry was the manager of Your Father's
Mustache night club in Denver, Colorado from around 1969 to 1972.  
Jerry had lived in Sacramento fro many years and had played washboard
with the STJS Street Band in parades/etc.
While the manager of the Denver Mustache club, Jerry hired musicians
like Bill Clark--Queen City Jazz Band,  Dennis Condreay and Vern
Beebe--formerly of Platte River Jazz Band, Gene La Beau--trombone,
Harold "H" Johnson--trombone and others. 
Jerry was the first person that I ever saw playing washboard and was the
direct cause of my becoming a "washboard wacko".  Thanks!  Jerry!
Mike Johnson
Washboards International
Parker, Colorado
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