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Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 20 08:58:58 PST 2006

<brian at radiojazz.co.uk> wrote (polite snip)
> A listmember posed the question - that if the Archeophone recordings of the
> King Oliver Creole Jazz Band are so good can it be taken that they are the
> archetypal benchmark recordings of New Orleans jazz at that time?
> The answer is yes and no.

Amen Brian. There are at least 3 different styles of New Orleans Jazz in
existence within the "Dixieland" genre of that time:

New Orleans Downtown   - as typified by Oliver Creoles, Ory's Sunshine Orch,
                         Jelly Roll's Hot Peppers and Armstrong's Hot 5/7.

"White" New Orleans    - as typified by ODJB, NORK, Halfway House Orch.

New Orleans UpTown     - as typified by countless original bands made up of
                         what I would describe as "folk jazz" musicians back
                         then. More recently the style is/was played by the
                         revival bands of George Lewis, Preservation Hall
                         and some British Trad Bands.

An argument could also be made that the funeral brass bands were a fourth
style of New Orleans Jazz back then also, though not Dixieland.

Steve Barbone

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