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Well they certainly got this one correct and it should improve their 

A city besieged by much larger problems than One fatal shooting during 
a Parade  ( certainly not to demean the shooting or loss of life by any 
means)  has little or nothing to do with a Parade, and certainly not a 
Funeral Procession, which I have never heard of happening at one.   The 
Parade just happened to get in the way of the shooting, which in itself 
is no an isolated situation in many parts of New Orleans and certainly 
happens far more often than do Parades.   The last time I was there 
there were five fatal shooting in one day and there was not even a 
Parade in the entire city that day.

The city has enough major problems as a result of the lunacy of the 
Politicos over the years in the wake of Katrina, so this is just 
another one of their typical knee jerk reactions to everything.  Tax it 
charge fees for permits.   Heck why not levy $20.00 fees to use a 
public restroom, now that would give them something to deal with as the 
waste started piling up in the streets faster than it does already.

How and Why do Politicians always have to Be SO utterly STUPID?  and 
never in the line of fire of one of these situations.  :))

New Orleans needs every it of Cultural heritage preservation that it 
can get, and the Jazz Funeral is one of the most important ones to 
keep, much more important than even Preservation Hall.

Now a permit for a Major Big time Organized Parade with floats and 
street closures, is one thing but infringing upon a Funeral procession 
with this absurd requirement should be a crime punishable by removal 
from office by all who were stupid enough to vote for passing it.

You see folks the whole world just wants to do away with Music and our 
ability to make a living all together, it is War, now speak up, write 
those letters and send those cards organize political recalls, hell 
shoot the bastards if you have to  :))  ( do however use a paint gun 
with permanent florescent Paint  however ) or better yet throw them in 
front of the Streetcar named Desire.  :))

Nobody wants to pay musicians a living wage, but they are quick to 
impose new regulations and laws on us for BS like forcing us to buy 
Liability Insurance when most can't even get health insurance.   We are 
more likely to kill someone by passing on a disease because we could 
not afford health care insurance or even get it, than we are causing 
anything that would cause us to be liable for anything  ( other than an 
occasional unwanted pregnancy).   They are also quick to pass 
ordinances and laws to close up businesses that employ musicians as 

Arrrghhhh don't get me started,

Save a Musician today kill a politician :))   Now some of you musicians 
that have side jobs down there in New Orleans go get a job as a 
Politician and reverse that crap.

Jeers,  Boo Hisss

Tom Wiggins
St. Gabriel's Celestial Brass FUNERAL MARCHING BAND
Preserving Jazz Funerals and spreading their popularity far beyond New 

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   Suit seeks to preserve jazz funerals

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Re:  Here's a beneficial act by the ACLU ( the organization some love to
hate).  Read on regarding their activity to preserve Louisiana jazz

NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 17 (UPI) -- The Louisiana branch of the ACLU has filed
suit to preserve the New Orleans traditions of "second-line" dance
processions and jazz funerals.

The ACLU says both are in jeopardy of disappearing due to excessive 
fees and
changes in permit rules for organizations that stage parades, The Los
Angeles Times reports.

The city of New Orleans raised fees to a base of around $1,200 
following the
shooting death of one person and the wounding of several others during
parades this year. In addition to the parade fee, the state of Louisiana
requires groups to post a bond of $10,000.

The ACLU suit says the new policies are a curtailment of freedom of 
and expression.

"If we do not get relief from the court, then this tradition will be 
out of existence," Joe Cook, executive director of the ACLU of 
told the Times.

The suit was filed on behalf of the Social Aid and Pleasure Club Task 
comprising 21 groups and other plaintiffs.


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