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I noticed what I thought was a similarity between Diana Krall's singing and 
  that of Billy Joel. Just curious if anyone else agrees/disagrees?
  Marty Nichols
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Happy 42nd birthday to jazz singer and pianist Diana Krall. In 1999,
Krall won the Grammy for best jazz vocal for her CD When I Look in Your
Eyes, which was the first jazz disc to be nominated for Album of the
Year in twenty-five years. Three years later, her The Look of Love was 
#1 bestseller in the US and a seven-time platinum album in her 
Canada. She wrote many of her own songs for her 2004 release, The Girl
in the Other Room; six of the songs were co-written with her husband,
Elvis Costello. Krall's latest release is From This Moment On. 

"I'm not really on a mission to tell anybody anything. I'd rather be
figured out." - Diana Krall "

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