[Dixielandjazz] King Oliver on Archeophone

dwlit at cpcug.org dwlit at cpcug.org
Fri Nov 17 07:34:11 PST 2006

The Retrieval set, which has been the standard, included some early JRTD
restorations, ie, wasn't all new transfers as many, perhaps even most,
folks believed. Still, it was the set that opened people's eyes/ears and
for me was the first time I found the music to be listenable...

The new set is getting good reviews on Red Hot Jazz Mailing List...
I'm eagerly awaiting my copy.

> Please see Brian Harvey's post a few hours earlier than yours.
> I agree with him, in fact his message mirrors a reply that I sent several
> days ago. This set looks like a keeper, even clearer than the John R.T.
> Davis remastering on Retrieval.
> Stomp Your Stuff, Glen

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