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Hi Bob:

Simplicity indeed goes a long ways in many genres of music especially 
with the rhythm section,
 and drummers, many of whom do get a bit carried away and forget
 what their real function in the band is supposed to be,
"KEEPING TIME"  because the real musicians can't  :))
they are too busy looking for and playing all those notes
 and trying to get or stay in tune and ridicule the Trombone player. :))

  I have heard that some Trombone players have been known to switch to 
washboard just to get some respect :))



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   Hello Tom,

Your comments are probably right as regards OKOM, but my personal wish 
is to
replace the drummer on nearly every pop record where the drummer, with 
"Boom, crash, boom crash" drowns just about everything else on the 
record. I
reckon a washboardist playing a washboard lying on its side between his 
would be the answer.



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