[Dixielandjazz] Dixielandjazz Digest, Vol 47, Issue 29

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 12 03:49:46 PST 2006

"Bill Gunter" <jazzboard at hotmail.com>

Hi Steve and all,
You wrote:
>> Don't have an IPod. Don't much listen to MP3s, except for a sound bite here
>> and there, and I only take my cell phone with me when I'm gigging, and/or
>> travelling via car, but I turn it off on casual travel trips and would only
>> use it for an emergency.
>> Why? Because I don't want to listen incessantly to canned music, and
>> sometimes I want to be out of touch.

Bill answers:
> All well and good but this is basically a trade off and you may be coming
> out short.

I agree. My point was about trade off. Music vs. the other stimulations.
There is lots going on in my life other than music
> Considerations:
> 1. iPods and mp3s are cheap, portable, and high quality sources of music and
> even videos.

> 2. Would you consider Beethoven's 9th performed by the London Symphony
> Orchestra "Canned Music?"

Yes. Though I will admit to repeated listening to Glenn Gould's two
interpretations of The Goldberg Variations, still, to this day. But even
that is canned music. A musical moment in time past, forever gone.
> 3. If you have an iPod you can listen to whatever you like, whenever you
> like, wherever you like (even your own band) if it is your pleasure to do
> so.

I'm already doing that. I stated that I don't like to listen to music I've
already heard under most circumstances and prefer to do/think about other
things. That was the point, not trying to get more listening into my life.
> 4. If you don't have an iPod you can't - period. Tough noogies!
> Give it some thought.

I have. Just a different way of life, that's all.

Steve Barbone

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