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The world is full of great entertaining groups that think outside the 
box and have no fear of experimenting with OKOM to make it apeal to 
younger crowds, just like Louis and all the Good Ole Good ones did in 
their day.

But no doubt some folks just are satisfied to eat Oatmeal and drink 
meta musel for breakfast everyday of their lives  and would never think 
of having sex standing up cause it might lead to dancing. Heaven 
forbid:))  wouldn't wanna be irregular now would we? :))

Don't understand why Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks have never been invited 
to play at the Sac. Jazz jubilee either:  Groups like these draw and 
bringn their own audiences folks and an audience that is willing to pay 
$18.00 to hear just ONE GOOD BAND.

It's not quantity that counts but Quality which people will always pay 

Tom spice it up Wiggins

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    This is a funny group. Not sure what genre, by Everybody Loves My 
Baby is a
hoot. Kinda like a young band version of the Boondockers?

>From the Roanoke VA paper.

Steve Barbone

Washboards? Ukuleles? Musical saws? The inmates are running the Asylum
Street Spankers.

The crazy vagabonds return to Southwest Virginia from Austin, Texas, 
a musical grab bag of hillbilly, Dixieland jazz and Delta blues. When 
multiple musicians rosin up the washboard and tune up the saw, they make
fantastic American music that bridges centuries and sounds more 
and relevant than anything on the radio.

Bawdy, brash and more than a little risque, the Spankers are the kind of
band that would make a children's album and call it "Mommy Says No!" and
include such family-friendly hits as "You Only Love Me for My Lunchbox" 

The band also has a new live DVD, "Re-Assembly," taped during the band's
10th anniversary "reunion" in 2004. But don't just watch the band on TV.
Experience the madness yourself.

Where: Sun Music Hall, downtown Floyd (inside the building that holds 
Winter Sun clothing store and Cafe del Sol coffee shop)

When: Tonight at 9

Tickets: $18

Info: (540) 745-7880, online at wintersuninc.net/thesun and

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