[Dixielandjazz] Toledo

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Fri Nov 10 09:23:40 PST 2006

That's Toe-ley-doe (not Toe-lee-doe), Spain, one hour south of Madrid.  We
played a concert there last night in a restored Mudejar temple built in the
XIII century.  It is now a theater club, where, although the seating is
theater style, drinks are served during the concert.  Nice touch, that, as
it breaks down the sort of staid atmosphere that presides at some concerts.
Drinks, plenty of smoke, and a bit of marijuana blended in (audience, not
us!), tends to add to the atmos!  Holds 600 people, and it was packed last
We had to put up with "booming" bass due to the high ceilings, which I
couldn't convince the sound engineers to correct, but the rest was fine.
Rousing reaction from the audience (of all ages) to the Saints at the end
(before the encores), with everyone shouting back the responses to me....I
was off the stage and into the seats by that point.   Silly how the small
things count!
If anyone is interested in seeing a publicity shot of the room, I can send
it.  Just ask.  Somewhat different from most of your pizza parlors, etc.
Streets, by the way, in Toledo, are very curious to say the least.  At some
points we had to lean out the windows & hold the side mirrors flat against
the car sides so we could pass between the buildings.  The theater people
said "oh, just park there, it will be fine!"  We gave them the parking
tickets when we left!   :>
Oh!  And, we had a food/drink spread laid out for us after the sound check &
before the concert that filled us so much we almost couldn't play!  
Yeah, life can be (sometimes) sweet!  Home by midnite, which is a bit
different for a club date tonight & tomorrow, when we don't start until
midnight!   :>

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