[Dixielandjazz] Claus Jacobi date

Gary Kiser gary at kiser.org
Thu Nov 9 10:30:31 PST 2006

Wow, I saw the name Claus Jacobi and had to scratch the head.  After a 
bit, it dawned on me where I knew this name.  Dr. Jacobi is the guy that 
took Philippe Baudoin's famous 'Grilles de Jazz' fakebook and 
transcribed melodies to almost every tune.

Anyway, in Dr. Jacobi's fakebook (chords by Baudoin, melodies by Jacobi) 
the following is noted.

Dr. Med. Claus Jacobi
Frieseweg 6
3400 Göttingen
tel : 0551/48 61 18
It seemed to me that Germany went to a five digit postal code system 
years back.  Google Maps 
confirms this (looks like he lives/lived near a nice forest).  Göttingen 
is now postal code 37085.  So, this information is a bit dated, but 
might be helpful in chasing Dr. Jacobi down.

Hope this is helpful.

All the best, Gary

Gerard Bielderman wrote:
> Who can supply the location and exact recording date(s) of Stomp Off CD 1336 
> "Tribute to Clarence Williams" Vol.2 by Claus Jacobi's Bottomland Orchestra?
> Thanks in advance!
> Gerard Bielderman / Leie 18 / 8032 ZG  ZWOLLE / Netherlands
> Publisher of jazz discographies

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