[Dixielandjazz] Ed Bradley from 60 Minutes

Lowell Busching verbose at daktel.com
Thu Nov 9 10:19:01 PST 2006

It was just announced about an hour ago on CNN that Ed Bradley of the 
CBS 60 Minutes Show had died of leukemia at age 65, a mere "kid" to many 
on the DJML I am sure. The next digest I get will perhaps have some 
postings on this, but for myself I was interested in the fact that he 
was apparently a big jazz fan of the New Orleans jazz scene and other 
locations, apparently spending time in the Denver area?  Possibly at the 
Denver Jazz Parties?  I am not sure if I was consciously aware of that 
fact.  If I had ever seen him, I was not aware who he was.

If it has not already been suggested, perhaps some of you that might 
have had contact with Ed at any OKOM events might want to make some 
comments about him. Try to get through to the Larry King show tonight on 
CNN where Larry plans to devote his show, or at least part of it, to Ed.

Perhaps he was a harder man to get to know then first implied on CNN as 
so far many of the other CBS or ex-CBS reporters they have talked to 
have corrected the CNN anchors on saying they worked "with" Ed at CBS. 
Most seem to have met him occasionally in the hall etc.  I suspect the 
60 Minute crew was a close knit group and to this point I have heard 
none of them comment.

If any of you know who, besides the Neivel (sp?) Brothers, in New 
Orleans he favored, you might want to comment. Otherwise I felt you all 
should be aware that apparently OKOM has lost another supporter and fan. 
Perhaps Larry will comment on that tonight.

Lowell aka Mad Dawg

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