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Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 9 09:20:02 PST 2006

Cebuisle2 at aol.com  (Ted) wrote
> Those of you who are actively seeking opportunities to play should contact
> the managers of any major airport near you. An article I just read in the
> news 
> said that the major terminals have hired a lot of bands and singers to
> perform for the travelers. It is supposed to lessen stress and tension. A
> Dixie  
> band is just what these folks need, as they can be mobile without needing
> amps.  
> Also makes a traveler's feet move faster, getting them to the gate on  time-
> Ted  
> (tell 'em I sent you)

Yep, used to do trio gigs at Philadelphia Airport for the passengers a few
years ago. (banjo, tuba, horn) They have since discontinued them. But they
might well be prospects again because of the delays at airports these days.

Now is the time to contact cities, towns, townships in the counties
surrounding your location if you actively seek gigs. Many of them sponsor
Summer Concerts and start to book around December for the coming year.

E.G. In the 5 county Philadelphia area, there are about 100 prospects for
these concerts. (that actually have summer concerts) I suspect all major
metro areas have similar events all summer. By using a google search for say
Contra Costa County Towns, (Bay area) you can see a list of a bunch of
towns. like Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Concord, Pleasant Hill etc. Do
a mass mailer to them describing your band as playing "America's Music"
appealing to folks from ages 5 to 100+ etc. You can pick up their addresses
in the local phone book, or on the internet with a little searching.

I'm doing it now and if anyone wants a hard copy of what I send out (2
pages) write me off list, include your snail mail address, and I'll mail it
to you, as if you were a prospective client. I mail only those places with a
population of 10,000 or more, but you can choose your own limits.

Steve Barbone

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