[Dixielandjazz] FW: mp3, CD etc. and DAT

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Thu Nov 9 02:05:50 PST 2006

Marty wrote:
  I use a portable DAT to record my band. The cartridges
  arfe not readily available. I was told that there is a product
  sold at many common outlets, e.g., Walmart etc. that will
  substitute for DAT tape. I have'nt found it and wonder if
  anyone can tip me off on it?

Marty...and, anyone interested:

Go to http://www.hhb.co.uk/hhb/usa/index.asp  if you are in the U.S., or
shorten the address down to where it says co.uk if you are in Europe, for
probably your best professional audio supplier (also, for the domestic
crowd).  You will find DAT tapes here, Marty (click on Professional
recording media).  There is no substitute for the tapes.

You can buy them in different formats, up to 2 hrs.  The quality of the tape
does not vary with the length of the tape, as it did with cassettes.

Before anyone snickers & makes comments about "how old fashioned", DAT is
still a winner for quality recordings, and if you own a recorder....might as
well keep using it. 

By the way, a DAT tape is in danger of destruction by the proximity of
magnetic fields (speakers!) while it is virgen tape, but once recorded, you
can't even wipe it with a professional tape wiper!  It's you copy for
life...or about 100 yrs I think they claim. 


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