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And Beryl made quite an act of finding her thimble between her breasts....!
Gerard Bielderman

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> In "American Style" the washboard is usually vertical and is held in place
> with a sort of "guitar strap" - there are two variations on this. (1) the
> washboard is flat against one's chest and the player reached around the
> sides and scrapes the board with thimbles or whatever and (2) the 
> washboard
> is vertical in front of the "musician" but instead of flat against the 
> chest
> it juts straight out at a 90 degree angle and the player scrapes on both
> sides of the board.
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> Bill
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> Remember discussion on DJML about Beryl Bryden?  She had her "minature"
> washboard hung flat against her chest.  However, her chest was anything 
> but
> flat, so it sounded quite loud!
> :>
> Jim
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