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Mon Nov 6 13:53:20 PST 2006

Hi Ron and all you washboarderists on the list:

I have just invented a hybrid version and style of washboard which I 
feel will definitely once again revolutionize this fine instrument and 
make virtual virtuosos of all the new kids who take it up and master it.

I borrowed the show style form the old wild west movies, and will hence 
forth be known as The  Two Washer Kid"  even though I use three for 
Zydeco.   I shall promote this new style of performance with dual fully 
loaded washboards, one on each side and played with one hand on each, 
very conducive for work in a  more highly sophisticated marching 
ensemble I might add.   ( those players tend to be true ARTISTE' AND DO 

I am also developing another fine dual model  with spacers at the top 
and the bottom with a long chromium Rod inserted down thru the middle 
of the spacers with various insundry percussion devices attached at 
varying levels of height, and the occasional bicycle horn in several 
key notations, and the deluxe model with the triple cow bells,  ( Can't 
ever have too much Cow Bell )   Comes completely assembled for those 
who might be mechanically as well as musically challenged )   Set up 
and take down time at the gigs has been rendered Nil so engineers who 
play a little music on the side can feel free to use one with no fear 
of holding up the show or arriving too late at the gig to get set up on 
time.     The musical superiority of these fine new instruments made 
 from the finest recycled products from the county dump are sure to 
please the new and older Washboardocologist and delight the grandkids 
as well.

I also have patented an idea of how to amplify that European model as 
well,  ( Just lay it down flat over the inverted washtub bass, yes 
that's right I said inverted, turn it back over the way you would to 
take a bath in it and lay the durned washboard over it and commence to 
play, you will be amazed at how much louder it will be and also picks 
up a nice echo sound or reverberation, which can be varried by adding 
or subtracting the amount of Beer you have in it.

Send cash check or money order or trading stamps to P.O. Box 1 
Washboard City,  USA   ( don't worry it won't git lost it is the Only 
P.O. Box in town.   How much you say ?  well jist let yore concience be 
your guide, folks, ya see I don't really need much money in these here 
parts, cause I also have a grant to operate the WASHBOARD CITY SYMPHONY 
One man  ARKESTRA,  which is why I invented the double and triple 
version so I could charge for and get doublin' fees for been a multi 
instrumentalist.   I got enough government grants from the Arts 
councils now to pay myself to play a gig 365 days a year.   Last nights 
performance was enjoyed by two raccoons, a possom family, couple of 
wild pigs, and a stray cow whut come over the ridge.   Had some right 
nice accompaniment on vocals from a Chick singer Screech owl in the old 
elm tree too.   Did I mention i is a non profit organisim ?  so your 
kind donatioins fer my research and manufacturin' is totally tax 
deductible too.

Couzin Elroy P. ( penniless)  Suckins

Like I said a Sick mind is a turrible thing to waste.

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    I came across this YouTube video and immediately thought about 
Brother Bill.
It's a Dutch banjo jamboree that features a washboard player.  He's got 
strange technique and at first, I couldn't figure out what he was doing.
Seems he lays the instrument flat on his lap and plays it that way.  I 
assume that that has a definite muting effect on the sound.  Ever seen 
done this way Bill?


Ron Wheeler

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