[Dixielandjazz] Opportunity for Dixieland band in eastern North Carolina

RICK KNITTEL knittelsportland at juno.com
Sat Nov 4 14:51:38 PST 2006


I have received communications (below) from the sister of a fraternity
brother who is involved in a musical society in Oriental (eastern) NC and
is needing to book a Dixieland band for their 07-08 season that will
perform and do some educational presentation in the concert as well as
playing the music. Her name is Illona Forgeng and her personal e-mail
address is forgeng at hughes.net . Please feel free to contact her directly
if you can fill the bill. I suspect they cannot afford to pay travel
expenses, so bands local to Wilmington, New bern would be likely to be

Rick Knittel - The Maine Street Paraders - www.mainely-jazz.com 


I now volunteer with the Pamlico Musical Society
(http://pamlicomusic.org/) and we are about to work on our 07-08 season.
I have been pushing for years to get some good Dixie presented, and it
occurred to me that I KNOW a good band. Or a member, at least. We have a
170-seat theater, in a small rural county in eastern NC, but especially
if you spend any time in the south, I thought you might be interested. We
take good care of our artists, for sure.

If you think you might be interested, let me know. If not, maybe you know
someone in the southeast who is good. I need an idea of what your fees
are and a demo disc, probably by Thanksgiving.

I worked with the New Bern Jazz Preservation Society, too, and we DID
manage to get the Preservation Hall guys last year. They are STILL a

If you think the bands in the chat room are good quality, real Dixie and
fun, we'd love to hear from them. We also like an educational aspect to
the performance, sometimes it's an afternoon "informance" for about 45
minutes of discussion of the genre, or sometimes just commentary from the
stage that night.

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