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What exactly do you mean by saying "the bastards are creeping back " ? 

If you were ever a Union member, did you ever attend a meeting ? Did you ever try to make a difference by voting someone out of office ? Did you ever look at the directory to read the bylaws ? The union board is voting into office by the members as well as they ratifying the bylaws. If you never got involved with the union you were a member of, then it's your fault that your local was so poorly run.
I've heard all of these stories before and I really wonder how true some of them might be ? The current locals do not exist because of these old stories, but rather from good management, music scholarship programs, free web sites both local and national for bands to get noticed, jam sessions weekly (at least in Atlanta). In house booking agency's, no gigs being snaked by officers answering the phones at the local, no dues on casual work, union and non-union players working together (right to work state GA). And we terminated the "steward" program where officers visited gigs in early 1970.

The Members run this local and if this nonsense happened in Atlanta it wouldn't last for a nanosecond. If you join get involved, make a difference. go to meeting, after all we are ALL musicians even the Board which are elected by the membership. I don't anyone here who works just for scale, it's simply a guide line and covers cartage as well as miles you drive to a venue.
I don't suppose anyone out there can say anything positive about being a member of the Musicians Union. If you do, lets hear it !

Dave Hanson
Vice President
Atlanta Federation of Musicians
Local 148-462

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  As with Larry's case, while making a living playing music, I always worked 
  for above scale.  >>

  Hi Bob,

  I have been horrified, and fascinated, at the Union Stories.

  Seems that it took some people an awful long time to learn and get out.. 
  Perhaps we should have sent Mrs Thatcher over to sort the Union out. She 
  certainly sorted out the Unions over here. The bastards are creeping back 



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