[Dixielandjazz] Getting OKOM to the kids

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 3 20:54:21 PST 2006

Bill G wrote a great article about getting OKOM to kids via the digital
media and Ipods, but that is only about 1/10th of the story. Heck, we didn't
get OKOM to the kids when we were using the right media. From LPs to
cassettes, to CDs

If we really want to get this music to the kids, we must do what the "young"
Indie bands do . . . PLAY WHERE THE KIDS ARE.

It is not enough to put out some digital music via MP3 or what ever, because
the song title and your band name, or all those other band/musician names
(including Bix, Louis, Sydney, and all of our heroes) don't mean diddily
squat to them and most won't waste their time on listening to an "unknown".
A few, maybe.

Go back and re-read the posts about the CMJ music showcase in NYC and those
1000 bands, or the showcase in Austin and those 1000 bands, etc., etc. And
check out what those Indie bands do, how they tour, how they build their
reputations, how they get listeners.

A few of us are playing in local kid venues. OK, spare me the criticism of
being repetitive, but that is where it is at. Pure and simple. YOU HAVE TO

In the absence of radio (or TV exposure), which might make us famous, we
need to do what the territory bands did in times past. E. G.  Move around
our "territory" playing in kid venues. That's how you build a rep, and then
how you can sell your music via downloads. (or via records in times past)

So either do it locally, or if you are Bria or Jonathan or Brett, or one of
the kids out there with a young band, get your butt on the road and do it
all over the world. . .  LIVE, WHERE THE KIDS ARE.

But do not forget the MAIN thing. As Ginny pointed out it is the BEAT. If
our bands don't have a strong beat, and lots of energy, and a little
showmanship, we won't do any better than a bad Indie band.

Steve Barbone 

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