[Dixielandjazz] What Turns The Younger Audiences On?

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It changes every generation Steve, but when you have been around and in 
it for a couple of generations or more, it really does stay the same,  
they younger audiences want Entertainment, the music is definitely not 
enough, if it was they would all be selling out the Symphony shows .   
They, as discovered in this article by the reviewer, were more 
interested in Dancing than paying attention to the lyrics,   Hello  
since when is that a new idea for kids.  They want and demand 
stimulation in any form, are in a big hurry to get out there and live 
life in the fast lane and change the world overnight,  and if we all 
think back fifty or sixty or seventy years it all seems pretty 
familiar.   Deja Vu,  I am enjoying my second childhood especially the 
going thru Puberty part with the raging hormones and all. :))  I am 
only now at my advancing age starting to listen to the lyrics of all 
the rock tunes I grew up on, I had no idea what they were all those 
years I played them.   Some of them actually made sense,  too bad 
nobody our age was listening to them in those days,  we too were too 
busy dancing and having a good time.

I especially love the guy on stage with his Laptop, and I see events 
around the San Francisco area featuring such guys for parties and clubs 
instead of hiring a Band of musicians.   So the frustrated DJs and 
engineers have now figured out a way to get into the SHOWBIZ ACT.  Good 
God help us .  :))

I have now embarked upon a new revolution for OKOM,  I shall hence 
forth disband my band of merry music makers and piece together snippets 
 from every old DIXIELAND recording in history and put them on my laptop 
and book myself out on the Trad. Jazz Society Circuit as the Hottest 
new One man Band in the World.  Hire me Folks and you won't even need 
all those other bands, I shall be the entire Festival, and since it is 
not physically taxing I can play all the sets and move my equipment 
 from stage or venue  to venue much faster than any band of old folks.   
And I can work a lot cheaper too since I don't have to pay any sidemen. 
   Finally we have found a way to get rid of those cantankerous bitchy 
never satisfied sidemen.

   I will however possibly bring along a Washboardist and a Banjo Player 
to add to the visual excitement and comedy, as I prance around the 
stage doing a strip tease removing my shirt.  That is soooo cool and 
the Blue Haired Ladies will just adore it, well some will others will 
think it disgusting I am sure.   Get out the Geritol and Viagra folks 
I'm coming on the road with this hot new Act.   Book it now, while I 
can still offer it at 1935 prices,  $6.00 a set should be affordable 
for most festivals don't ya think :))   P.S. I'll also pay for my own 
transportation and hotel and meals, but I would like to get a deal for 
1/2 price for my beer.  After all I am an Artiste' and do have my 
principles.  :))   The first three cities of the tour are already sold 
out with ten seats at each venue and standing room only for three more. 

 DJ Delbert Diddiewhacker and the Dixie Techies  band

The tour is being sponsored by my friends at: Senior's Transit 
authority,  Walkers with wheels Inc., Free Air Oxygen Tanks, Super 
Scooter, Acme adjustable Beds, and Dr. Kavorkian's, new life clinic. 
Dr. Schols corn & bunyon remover, Dr. Seizeit's Lazer Sight correction 
clinic, Depends, and other fine Senior products.   Is anybody Jellin' 
Yet ??

Enough of this silliness, I gotta get back to work,  there should be 
enough trash talk in here to keep ya'll busy over the weekend.



  How did I ? Why did I get started on this nonsense anyway?  well it 
sounded funny at the time :))   I like to start the day laughing at 
myself and all my old friends,

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    CAVEAT: THIS IS NOT OKOM. . . BUT, it relates to young audiences and 
may be
interesting to those few of us who perform regularly in their venues. 

Jon Pareles, music critic for the NY Times recaps some of the music at 
first 2 days of the CMJ Music Marathon (Showcase) in NYC. There is a 
thread as to what turns the kids on. DANCING, VISUAL and/or other
INVOLVEMENT with the musical program.

This may not be OKOM, however, in my experience, the basic premise is 
same. Young audiences relate well to OKOM if there is a danceable beat 
visual and/or other involvement in the musical program.

Steve Barbone

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