[Dixielandjazz] Who Wants a Tuxedo

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Thu Nov 2 23:36:28 PST 2006

Lordy Lordy Bill:

Don't tell me they excommunicated you from the Boondockers and took 
back both uniforms ??? drat I hope the whole band gets BLOWN up for 
that dastardly deed.   They really looked soooo cool with the red vests 
and Purple Neru Jackets and the artificial simulated Straw Plastic 
Boater hats and red bow ties.   Not to worry mate I am forming a new 
Dixieland Americana group called the" Village Dixie People" and we 
ain't got no Washboardacologist yet, so the gig is urine ifin' use 
won'ts it.

Hey the rest of you don't Laugh they are definitely coming back,  heck 
the Zoot Suits are back ain't they, so it's just a matter of time 
before them cool leisure suits are right back on top with even bigger  
Bell Bottoms, and if you have one in the closet or basement you better 
hold onto it cause you don't even want to know what they are gong to 
cost the next time around.

And hey Ladies,  I ain't never seen a mini dress or a pair of short 
shorts that was out of style not to mention those lovely always 
fashionable Daisey Mae handkerchief size gingham hooter halter tops.  
:))   With or without kleenex stuffing :))

Cheers,  Definitely time to go flatten a fifth :))


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   Hi listmates,

I'm not looking for a tuxedo but I really would like one of those 
cool looking leisure suits.  I think one in either canary yellow or 
a powder blue would look really sharp.

I understand they're made of that new wonder fabric . . . polyester!

If they come with flared trouser legs I'd be really happy.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "coolest dude in town" Gunter
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