[Dixielandjazz] Early Pete Fountain, George Girard, Plus Bobcats Marches

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George Gerard (trumpet) also played in that band, and recorded a couple of  
sides with the band.  Don't remember the label name, but it wqw on 78 rpm,  and 
the name of the band was Phil Zito's International City Dixielanders (o, r  
something close th that).  George was a phenomenal young trumpeter.   Like 
Pete, He was a "natural".  They went on to be the nucleus of the Basin  Street 
Six.  George died before he was 30, a victim of colon cancer.   He would haave 
been one of the biggies.

Pat Cooke

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Just  whiling away another evening reading some old jazz 
publications.  This  is from a Playback from 1949.  A short article on 
the doings of the New  Orleans Jazz Club, which set forth a list of 
bands who had played in the  summer pops concert series at Congo 
Square.  The last band listed is  Phil Zito's Dixieland Band.  "The 
latter has a young and upcoming star  on clarinet in Peter Fountain."
Some predictions do come  true.
Audrey Van  Dyke

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I have some further information on the early Pete Fountain, George Girard  
recordings.  I have 10" LP's as follows:
"Phil Zito and his New Orleans International City Dixielanders""
Columbia 10" LP  CL 61
Album Title: " Dixieland Express"
Notes say that the rhythm section consists of comparative oldtimers  with the 
younger generation in the front line.
Phil Zito (dm), Emile Christian (bass), Roy Zimmerman (piano), Pete  Fountain 
(cl), Joe Rotis (tb), and George Girard (tp).  Recording date per  Jepsen is 
NYC, 12-23-49
Bob Cats, Bye and Bye, She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain, Clarinet  
Marmalade, Tulane Swing, Zito's Zag, Original Dixieland One Step, Shine
Basin Street Six ----- Album Title: "America's Music"
Mercury 10" LP MG 25160 Recording Dates New Orleans August and November  
1950, Chicago September 19, 1951
Personnel per Jepsen:  George Girard (tp), Joe Rotis (tb), Pete  Fountain 
(cl), Roy Zimmerman (p), Bunny Franks (b), Charlie Duke (dm).
Panama, If I Could Be With You, Bye and Bye, I Can't Give You Anything But  
Love, Lil' Liza Jane, Sunday, Hindustan, Melancholy Rhapsody
Basin Street Six ------No  Album Title, Just Basin Street Six
Mercury 10" LP MG25111  Personnel and Recording Dates as above
Farewell Blues, Sleepy Time Down South, Basin Street Stomp, Margie, Tin  Roof 
Blues, Lazy River, That's A Plenty, Muskrat Ramble
Basin Street Six  -----  Album Title: " Bonaparte's  Retreat"
504 12" LP 16........Recorded New Orleans circa 1950  (could be an LP  sold 
from the bandstand)
Personnel as above, Album notes say all tracks previously unissued, and  that 
George Girard passed away 1-17-57 at 26 years of age.  This record is  not 
listed in Jepsen.
Waiting for the Robert E Lee, South Rampart St. Parade, Angry, Bonaparte's  
Retreat, Original Dixieland One Step, Land of Dreams, Mahogany Hall Stomp, 
Royal  Garden Blues, Sailing Down Cheseapeake Bay, Lazy River, Milenburg Joys, 
Margie,  High Society, I'm Going Home, Farewell Blues.
Also, in finding the above albums, I located a 10" LP, Coral CRL  
56018,''Marches in Dixieland Style", Bob Crosby and his Bob  Cats.  I  know these sides 
were discussed a couple of weeks ago and maybe this will  further that 
Sides are:  King Cotton, Hands Across the Sea, High School Cadet, The  
Thunderer, Washington Post March, Stars and Stripes Forever, El Capitan, Semper  
Fidelis March.
Don Boyer, South Bend, Indiana

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