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Larry Walton Entertainment - St. Louis wrote:

>I have had a lot of difficulty finding a Trombone player for my Dixie band that can both read and improv so I decided to switch over to having a Tenor rather than trombone.
>When I play tenor in a Dixie band everything goes great as long as I'm not playing with a Trombone player.  The range is too similar and we get in each others way.
>My question is does the style played by the Tenor differ much from what the Trombone does and can you freely switch the two?  I have listened to a lot of Dixieland bands and so few use tenors it's hard to get a feel for it.
>I have transposed most of my book for Tenor and the sound seems to be OK and I don't dislike the blend we get.  Some of the Zep Meisner charts I have use both a tenor and Trombone but I've never heard them played with both instruments.
>The guy I'm using on Tenor is very good but he asked me this same basic question.  Does the tenor pretend to be a trombone or does he do something different.
>Maybe some of you could enlighten me.
>St. Louis
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Zep charts play well wth both horns. Good arranger who knew his stuff.
As far getting in the way f each other, listen to the Bob Crosby Bobcat 
sides. Please note no traffic accidents between Warren Smith and Eddie 
Each knew his place in the mix. Kindly listen and learn -- best teachers 
you'll ever have, and free for the listening.
Don Ingle

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