[Dixielandjazz] Eastman-Rochester "Civil War" set (was slick slides)

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Being somewhat of a history buff,  I find this thread interesting.  I'll try to find the records somewhere on the web.  If someone finds them please let us know!
...................I wasn't aware "Dixie" was not PC.  
Pat Cooke.  

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> My son recently found a two record (LP) set in an obscure 
> Maine antique  shop and presented it to me for my birthday 
> The records are attractively  packaged in a heavy cardboard 
> case with a 24 page description of the recording methods, 
> etc. They are titled The Civil War, .... 

> Mercury Records recorded the four sides in 1961 to 
> commemorate the centennial of the War. In addition to 
> recording the actual sounds of the weapons  used, they 
> recorded the music played. Two original band books were used, 
> the 26 North Carolina and the 3rd New Hampshire, representing 
> the songs played by both sides . Eastman School of Music 
> conductor John Fennell conducted the two ensembles which 
> faithfully played all the parts in the original band  books-

Actually, it was Frederick Fennell who conducted.

This wonderful set has also been reissued on CD.  I ran across one a few
years ago and grabbed it. Don't know whether it's still in print or not.

Jim O'Briant
Gilroy, CA

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