[Dixielandjazz] "...playing a jag-time tune..."

Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Mon Jun 26 08:44:16 PDT 2006

I don't exactly know the answer to the question as you asked it, but the Anderson
"Fake book" includes a tune entitled "Jagtime Johnsons's Ragtime March" by 
Fred L. Ryder - 1901 -- described elsewhere as:
>>A nicely done, slow cakewalk which makes use of 'stop' time and ...

and here's a link to the sheet music at Duke U.  

And here's a snip from a google search that makes it look to me that
"jagtime" was/is a seldom used synonym for "ragtime":

>Swedish Ragtime Meeting (Bromma, 13/9-2003) >Bittersweet Rag - A Jagtime Tune (Robert R. Darch, 1977) 

Another snip:
this time from the lyrics (by Paul West) of a Jerome Kern tune entitle
"The Ragtime Restaurant" -- from the 1912Show "The Red Ptticoat"

Sometime later 
Came an educated waiter 
And he thought he knew a lot, 
Says he, "I'll know 'em 
And I'm going to show 'em 
How to do the turkey trot!" 
Well, he tried to do it 
But they wouldn't let him through it, 
And they said, "You bet you can't!" 
They ragged him all over the floor, 
And his elegant clothing they tore, 
They they fired him through the door, 
Saying, "Don't come here no more 
To this ragtime restaurant! 
This ragtime restaurant! 
This regular ragtime, jolly and jagtime 
Ragtime restaurant! 

And a 1957 article in "Time Magazine" said
When the boola overflowed with the fun of the Turkey trot , ragtime and jagtime at Mory's , 
and naughty dancing girls at lesser saloons , Stover came ...

Craig Johnson

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