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I can't attest to its 'rightness' or 'wrongness', but I'm a big fan of Service and every collection, version, etc of his that contains "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" has it as "jag-time".  Could it be that the period was when ragtime was fading and jazz gaining popularity and this was a 'jazzy-ragtime' sorta thing?

I'm sure Jim will find something appropriate for the occasion.  Couldn't hurt for him to read a little Service to get him in the right spirit.  Besides 'McGrew', I'd recommend "The Cremation of Sam McGee" and "The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill".  Great stuff.

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Ron Wheeler

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> In the Robert Service poem, "The Shooting Of Dan McGrew", he writes, "the kid 
> that handles the music box was playing a jag-time tune". Now, what the hell is a 
> jag-time tune, and was it a misprint that should have said "ragtime tune"? 
> The reason I ask is yesterday I discovered that our very own wonderful "Mr. Play 
> Everything", Jim Maihack, is heading to Skagway, Alaska, right after the 4th of 
> July to play honky-tonk piano in the Red Onion Saloon until the end August, and 
> when I drop in on him sometime this summer, I want to request a "jag-time tune", 
> and pretend that I'm in the Malamute Saloon...in Dawson! 
> Anyone want to attempt an answer? 
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