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Wiggins said:
>I have said it many times in my career,  Musicians spend 90% of their 
lives trying to get a gig and the other 10% TRYING TO GET FIRED FROM 
IT. :))  < 

Q:  How do you get a musician to complain?
A:  Get him a gig!
Pat Cooke
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Hi Mart:  welcome back:

Who plays with what other groups is a long problem with this music,  
Gone are the days that most band leaders have their act together enough 
to just promote and support one really group and build a good solid 
reputation and fan base for it.   Instead everybody is more interested 
in just getting any gig that is available and hire out as hired guns 
with anybody who calls and shows up for the one closest to their home 
for the most money.   This more than likely came about because so many 
sidemen of yesteryear passed out their cards at the gigs they were on 
and told the folks interested in hiring the band they had just listened 
to for future events minus the authentic Band Leader who had promoted 
the band and booked the original gig in the first place.

You see there are many sidemen who want desperately to be the Band 
leader but have no clue what it really entails and simply thin that 
because they pass out their cards they can get all the good gigs and 
make all that supposedly good money that the leader is no doubt making 
and ripping them off for.

They are suffering from the profound sideman disease of it';s easy to 
get gigs, just print up a business card and give it to everybody who 
you think thought you were the star at the last gig :))

Yep I could write a book about this medical problem, but do not have 
the time, too busy booking better gigs and replacing jive sidemen who 
know little or nothing about marketing and promotion much less any 
respect or appreciation for any band leader who actually does.

I have said it many times in my career,  Musicians spend 90% of their 
lives trying to get a gig and the other 10% TRYING TO GET FIRED FROM 
IT. :))   "Often Legends in their own minds"

I'll take the Chick Singer every time, she covers for the musicians 
very well most of the time, and keep them working if they don't 
sabotage her on stage. :))


Tom Wiggins
St. Gabriel's Celestial brass band

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     I would be interested in knowing who else plays with what other 
groups. I'm
a newbie in terms of the list (sort of. I was on in the 90's for a 
and haven't had much opportunity to get out and hear groups in the past 

Who is what, please.


Martin D. McKay  (Designated listener)

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> David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com wrote

> Ever try doing a web search/ image search on Steve Barbone ? He is

> Amazing...  in the last 30 years I have played in 10 different groups
> all over the world (OKOM and non-OKOM,) been on the radio for over 23
> years, designed all sorts of useful products (as my day job) and I
> have nowhere near the web hits Steve has!

> Not that it really matters... but that is what we call "Good PR" or
> "Good Marketing" and that is not a bad thing when you want to make
> money playing old-time jazz ;-)

Yes indeed, it pays to promote. Not all those "Steve Barbone" hits are 
Some are the other Steve Barbone Ph.D., professor at San Diego State. My
cousin is the smart one in the family and, among other things, one of 
world's leading experts on Spinoza. (Like OKOM, that's a niche market)

Google Search for Barbone Street Jazz Band and you get even more hits. 
favorite says the following:
Najdete zde to samé jako u domácích interpretuš, jen v zahranicťním 

Skupina spojující styly vsťech zemí sveťta a tím vytvárťející hudbu 
zvukuš ...

Skveťlý interpret - sólista ze swingové éry, opravdový Král swingu.

Oficiální stránka tohoto umeťlce.

Jeden z nejveťtsťích umeťlcuš tohoto stylu, který se vyznacťoval 
hlasem, skveťlým frázováním a nebál se propojovat styly. 

Oficiální stránka umeťlce z 30. let.

Nadaný hrácť na saxofon a klarinet, schopný vedoucí celé hudební 
I believe it is from a Czechoslovak web site, assume it is about swing, 
have no idea what it says and no idea how we got there. But, it does 
a link to my web site along with links to web sites of the 5 dead guys
following us on the list.

So far no calls from there for gigs, but every once in a while I get 
e mail messages in languages that I do not understand. :-) VBG

Steve Barbone

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