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Sat Jun 24 19:15:13 PDT 2006

well they need a better PR  Agent  :))

Yes folks there are a lot of very good unsung players out there, so why 
the Hell do I have a hard time finding one to join an International 
touring New Orleans Funeral Mardi Gras Marching  Jazz Concert Band ???  

This is the key ingredient in my band and I'll be damned if I can find 
have posted adds from New Orleans to Universities, and every time you 
mention Marching Band they run like Hell in the opposite direction.   
As if this is a low class beneath them kind of gig.    I guess most of 
them have just become Artiste'  eh ??

The ones we have fond have been almost totally crazy  or we quickly 
made them that way. :))   Nobody wants to MOVE TO CALIFORNIA and the 
few good ones here are so busy they can't commit to being in a full 
time touring band, hence we are often forced into not touring as much 
as we could be.

Bring me One of those monsters who will live in Sunny California and 
I'll be happy to keep him working, everybody got's issues  and many 
just have far too many small time commitments and refuse to take a 
giant step and give them up. !!

Nothing ventured nothing gained. :))

And yes Buddy Apfel has played with us and the job is his anytime he 
can move to California  Hell I even agreed to adopt him :))

He is thinking about it. :))

Dave Richoux is no slouch either folks but a very busy Guy.

Hey Buddy He' gettin' all your good gigs  :))   Hey man I'll buy you a 
Vespa Scooter so you can commute from Phoenix :))

Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

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    Agree - I was looking for any "iconic" jazz tuba player - somebody 
who the average man on the street would know about (like a Louis, Duke 
or Miles...) 
  Don't think there are any except maybe Howard Johnson because of his 
playing in the Saturday Night Live band and the shows he did with Taj 
Mahal and Gravity. 
 Dave Richoux 
 On Jun 24, 2006, at 11:59 AM, John McClernan wrote: 
 > Brian Nalepka (Manhattan Rhythm Kings) is a great player too. 
  > So is Don Little, a NJ transplant down in Texas, and Mark Heter & > 
Norm Burbank in NJ, and Bob Bauchens in Chicago (Lyric Opera), and > 
Neil Tidwell formerly of the NOLA Symphony, and Gil Corella (sp?) > in 
Balto. etc. etc. 
  > There are many many great tuba players doing jazz, but they are > 
"unsung" for the most part. 
 > That's my 2¢. 
 > Cheers, 
 > John 
 > On Jun 24, 2006, at 1:02 PM, Dave Hanson wrote: 
  >> Bill Clark in Denver ain't no slouch and then there is Mike Moore 
 >> who is a great jazz player and principal tubist with the Atlanta >> 
Symphony Orchestra. 
  >> You will hearing about an Atlanta transplant to Davenport, Lee >> 
Stofer,who is recently out of the Army band in Washington D.C. and >> 
will be playing with several bands in and around Iowa. 
 >> Dave Hanson 
 >> Atlanta 
  >> Sam Pilofian and Buddy Apfel live in Phoenix, and can hold their >> 
own with ANY of the greats, IMHO! 
 >> Sad to say... 
  >> (and how many "really famous" jazz tuba players are out there? >> 
 >> Johnson, Bob Stewart, Eli Newberger...?) 
 >> Dave Richoux 
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