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L Patrick Briody lpbriody at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 24 14:20:14 PDT 2006

  Like Tony, I've found iTunes carries considerable OKOM - much more than your typical record store.  I'm pleased to know that the Black Eagles are now included since I thought that for the most part, it only carried the big names of the 20's - 40's. One problem is that it includes OKOM under the "Jazz" genre and not as a distinct group.  I'll be sure to check out whatever the Black Eagles have there and fill in wherever I may be missing a tune from a great band.
  Enjoyed Tony sitting in with the Grand Dominion on last January's SeaJam. I remember surfacing from the hot tub, surprised to recognize his playing in concert with trombonist great, Jim Armstrong of the Grand Dominion, - Ecstasy in Brass! 

Tony Pringle <tonypringle at comcast.net> wrote:

I use iTunes for music download by the track. This is partly because 
I'm a Mac user and also because I have managed to get 2 Black Eagle 
CDs up on iTunes for download by the track.

As far as I know there is no fee, the software is a free download for 
PCs and although I was asked to join and set up an account (to pay 
for downloads), I just browsed for a couple of months until I 
discovered the Don Ewell CD at which point I set up an account and 
downloaded the CD.

During my browsing I see about 100 tracks by Bix, nearly 200 by 
Louis, 7CDs by Gearge Lewis, and tracks by Watters, Bunk, Bechet, 
Butch Thompson, Turk, Oliver, Dodds, Don Ewell, etc.

Its seems like no risk to browse and listen to 30 second segments and 
also to explore the breadth of OKOM offered.

I hope this helps.

Tony Pringle

Leader, New Black Eagle Jazz Band
Phone: (978) 562-5048
Email: tony at blackeagles.com

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