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While their primary focus is the pop music market, (it's the biggest), they all will have some OKOM, also some more contemporary jazz.  But their jazz list is definitely less extensive than the pop stuff.  They all seem to want some monthly fee, which some allow you a certain number of "free" downloads.  But I feel I'll exhaust their list of the tracks I want, then have no use for a continuing membership.  The cheapest one seems to be Yahoo @ $5/mo. They also spam you to death with promotional stuff.
     I too, share your aversion to itunes.  Really don't want anything to do with them.  They still send me spam.
Pat Cooke

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Greetings, DJMLers. Does anyone know of an online subscription music source 
that has OKOM that can be downloaded and played in MP3 (or whatever) format? 
There are plenty out there but none seem to let you browse their list of 
tunes without joining. I didn't want to join Yahoo Music, for example, then 
find out they don't have Bix, Oliver, and Louis. Any ideas? By the way, I 
won't subscribe to iTunes but I am interested in any others. Any help 
appreciated. Thanks.

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