[Dixielandjazz] The backup on JJ Johnson

David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Fri Jun 23 20:30:11 PDT 2006

I listened to those tracks (again) and as a semi-proficient T-bone  
and Euphonium player I only heard one or two brief  places where I  
might have thought J.J.  was NOT playing a valve trombone. The  
absolute separation of rapid passing notes, lack of "gliss," precise  
tune and tone, all of that was quite amazing, especially knowing that  
he actually was playing a slide horn!

On a slightly separate note, I do think, having heard many  
outstanding Euphonium players (not in the "pure" jazz world) in the  
years since those recordings were made that the general acceptance of  
Valve T-bone, Euphonium, Baritone (and even Alto Horn) in popular  
music is so far behind even Tuba players in the conscious of the  
average jazz fan. I don't know of ANY CURRENT well known tenor/ 
baritone/Euphonium/alto horn player  that could be named by even  
slightly knowledgeable music fans excepting maybe the Childs brothers  
in the UK brass band world.
[  http://www.davechilds.com/ ]

Sad to say...

(and how many "really famous" jazz tuba players are out there? Howard  
Johnson, Bob Stewart, Eli Newberger...?)

Dave Richoux

On Jun 23, 2006, at 6:54 PM, Craig I. Johnson wrote:

> Steve,
> Funny, regardless of what your pundits may have said,
> I never questioned the fact when listening to J.J.-- that he
> was playing a slide trombone. Sounds like one to me --
> played by an exceptional person.
> Does that constitute denial? -- I doubt it.
> And who cares?
> Regards,
> Craig Johnson

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