[Dixielandjazz] Elkhart Jazz Festival

Lowell Busching verbose at daktel.com
Tue Jun 20 09:47:26 PDT 2006

Dis the season for Jazz Festivals, but I still see very little talk or 
alerts on the DJML about the upcoming festivals, other then in passing 
by members who say they plan to attend a particular one.  No serious 
information seems to be forthcoming. Dates. Personnel, etc.

To do my part in promoting live performances of OKOM, I would like to 
remind everyone on the list that the Elkhart, Ind. Jazz Festival is 
coming up for 3 days this weekend. June 23-25, with predominantly 
musicians that play OKOM. Granted not a lot of Trad Bands, but many 
musicians that most of you are familiar with. Day badges are available.

They say on the web site at http://www.elkhartjazzfestival.com that the 
following are "invited musicians" and "subject to change". I have found, 
however, that very few musicians that are invited ever cancel. Unless 
for either severe transportation problems to this relatively small town 
near South Bend (the airport utilized by Elkhart) or family crisis. The 
musicians are treated exceptionally well at this festival and are NOT 
overworked.  Sometimes to the extreme!  Much more free time then playing 
time, but you WILL see them perform.  Read the schedule carefully.

I do not expect a response from the festival at this late date on the 
scheduling, but you will currently find several of the prime "All Star" 
type sets sans trombone in the program listing (available on line in 
.pdf format)!  Why this apparent oversight in otherwise standard 
configurations I have no idea at this time. Perhaps someone on the list 
has an answer if the festival itself does not?  A cancellation of a 
trombone player not reflected in the list of musicians yet?

A quick look at the "invited" musicians will show that some of the best 
trombone players in the world for OKOM have been invited. I expect to 
see them there based on over 13 years experience with this now 19 year 
festival. If Randy Reinhart brings his trombone as well as his cornet, 
the list of premiere trombone players is even longer! I am obviously 
overlooking something here! Perhaps Randy has an answer for this? Or 
even Steve who checks out EVERYTHING. :-)

Invited personnel are as follows.

Shelly Berg
Eddie Higgins
Ed Metz Sr.         Primarily with his Bob Cats
Mark Shane
John Sheridan
Johnny Varro

John Bany
Lou Fischer
Joel Forbes         Primarily with BED
Jay Leonhart
Frank Tate
Murray Wall

Howard Alden
James Chirillo
Eddie Erikson       Primarily with BED
Marty Gross
Rebecca Kilgore     Limited probably See BED
Bucky Pizzarelli
Frank Vignola

Dave Bennett
Kenny Davern        Sans Microphone if possible
Chuck Hedges
Ken Peplowski
Allan Vache´

Bill Allred         Trombone            Primarily with his band.
John Allred         Trombone            Primarily with Bill if here.
Dan Barrett         Trombone            Primarily with BED
Bob Havens          Trombone
Jiggs Whigham       Trombone
Duke Heitger
Ed Polcer
Randy Reinhart
Tommy Saunders

Joe Ascione
Charlie Braugham
Les DeMerle
Jeff Hamilton       Primarily with his Trio
Jake Hanna
Steve Houghton
Ed Metz Jr.         Primarily with the Bob Cats.
Ed Shaughnessy

Shelly Berg Trio
Bill Allred's Classic Jazz Band
BED w/ Dan Barrett, Rebecca Kilgore and Eddie Erickson Plus Joel Forbes
Boston Brass
The Bob Crosby Bob Cats with Ed Metz Sr. & Jr.
Tim Cunningham
The Frank and Joe Show
Jeff Hamilton Trio
Cathy Morris & Collage
New Reformation Band from Michigan
Wally's Warehouse Waifs

Dave Bennett
Rebecca Kilgore
Claudia Schmidt

I hope to see a few more of you there besides list mate Hal. You can 
spot Mad Dawg being chased by a pack of Festival Staffers who have had 
to deal with my verbose email on the above subjects.  I will probably be 
foaming at the mouth and out of breath, and wearing my badge that says I 
can't remember your name either.

Lowell aka Mad Dawg

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