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L Patrick Briody lpbriody at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 19 15:36:11 PDT 2006

  I bought an Amati Valve T-bone several years ago in Prague for about $50.  I've played it a bit and, aside from the need to mentally translate slide positions into valve depressions and the inability to quickly correct a semitone error, I can get by with limited facility.  But what really bothers me is that on the valve trombone, the spit fills up within the first 16 bars and continues to do so thereafter.  Is it my slovering or is it a characteristic of the horn?
  Jim Kashishian wrote:

>Don wrote:
>To my sinner ways ( a love for the valve trombone that gets so many sneers
>on this list from slide snobs) this fine player had a nice, melodic style
>that blended well in the ensembles and were easy on the ear. 
>Hoping I'm not one of those "snobs" you mention, Don, I just consider the
>valve trombone as being a completely different horn than the slide trombone.
>I don't think that anyone should try to compare them. Also, and this is not
>a slur (pun intented!), most valve trombone players have come from being
>trumpet players, so their improvisational ideas come from there, also, which
>gives them a completely different sound to the horn than their slippier
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And then there's Randy Rhinhardt -- who plays either -- I know, since he 
grabbed byVT on a fast romp on DaDa Strain while I had to play his 
cornet onthe f ly with the Sons of Bix at the Annual Bix Birthday Bash 
in Illinois, and it was taped. Jolly good romp.
I do have a bass line mentality whenplaying ensemble and play the right 
counterpuntal lines where they should be.
The nature of the horn means less slur and gliss,though you can do some 
simple ones with half valved and lip bends.
And no -- I did not count you in the "snob" group, but have caught 
enough of the bad mouting about valver trombones having no plaes in OKOM 
here on the list. To those misguided sould I recommend the Freeman Summa 
Cum Laude sides and rest my case.
But to make my case, one of the CD soon to wing your way is some live 
stuff with the Sons of Bix -- and the infamous quick change with Randy 
on my VT and me on his Getzen. Chaos is not all that bad!

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