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Fri Jun 16 10:37:31 PDT 2006

Hi folks:

Yesterday I was driving and switching radio stations as I went to find 
something different than the normal station tuned in on the car, and I 
hit a Spanish station playing some really great Mariachi Music  with a 
TUBA whomping alon g at a nice funky pace.

Probably List mate Dave Richoux knows more about this kind of Mariachi 
music and maybe even Dan Augustine,  I found it very pleasing and I 
think the OKOIM audiences at Festivals would as well.   Especially in 
California where we have a large Hispanic population that would attend 
the festivals if it had something to attract them.

I know I have witnessed packed houses at all performances of Paco 
Gatsby  act Sacramento in the past and the audiences loved his show, 
even though it is not Traditional Dixieland by any means.   It is 
however some very high energy and beautiful music that is certainly 
akin to Dixieland.

It certainly could start to swell those attendance figures back 
upwards,  and it could have it's own venue, as could Traditional Jazz,  
just like the festival Steve posted about Bonneroo,  which has a 
Special Tent just for Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Food for thought guys.   There is a tremendous market of Great 
Entertainment out there in the world to choose from,  so why do we 
often limit our festivals to only Dixieland?   expand your horizons and 
your audience base,  music lovers are music lovers and they show up 
with money for interesting acts, as they get bored with the same ole 
same ole every festival.    Festivals need to keep that flow of NEW 
acts to keep attracting new audiences, even though they still maintain 
their old audience and cater to them proportionately, the counter 
exposure to differing music will cross pollinate if done tastefully.

Some of those Hippies and Yuppies are your Kids and grand kids, so how 
can they be all that bad? :))

with" Music we CAN All get along"

Musical content: " Play it again Sam "  :))


Tom Wiggins
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