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Tue Jun 13 17:57:45 PDT 2006

Martin Nichols wrote:

>Jim K. wrote:"When playing, there is tremendous pressure in the head, only makes 
>If I happen to look at a computer screen while playing, the display 
>around all over the place in my vision.
>Has anyone else noticed that?"
>  Reminds me that I have always had a big challenge
>  trying to play and read music at the same time. LOL
>  It is worse now--- I was helping my grandson with 
>  his trombone lessons recently, and tried to play his
>  music. The notes actually changed from one line/space
>  to the next while I was playing. ???? Now THAT is a challenge. If I couldn't play by ear, I would be finished.LOL
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You are not taking in enoogh air and not using your diaphram muscles to 
support your air stream. That forces you to tighened up the neck muscles 
and in effect choke off your air stream which makes you force it even 
more. No wonder you see dancing dots on your screen.
Stand up, take in plenty of air and use your diaphram muscles and let 
them do the work. Either that or pass out or burst a vessel in your head 
or neck. Basic Air Sucking/Tummy push 101 needs to be practiced.
Don Ingle

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