[Dixielandjazz] The Real Deal

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 13 08:36:36 PDT 2006

tcashwigg at aol.com wrote (polite snip)
> Dan Ackroyd star from Saturday Night Live and the Blues Brothers asked
> me to bring the same show to open the House Of Blues latest new club
> expansion in Philadelphia in the Fall, and set up the situation to book
> both of my acts into the entire International House of Blues Circuit.
> we will also do more Shows in the near future for syndicated broadcast
> on the House of Blues Radio Network.

When you get to the House of Blues in Philly, give me advance warning. I'll
be there even if I have to get a sub for myself on a gig.

Wish you lots of good fortune with your Blues Program. Perhaps it will help
us OKOMers here in Philly, as well as in other parts of the country if it
plays around. Blues and OKOM are certainly kin.

Also,  about your posting of that Montclair Village gig for July 4th. It is
less than a mile from where I lived in the Oakland Hills 1966-1969. Man, I
knew I left too soon. :-) VBG.

Like Dave said, tongue firmly in cheek, yeah, there are no July 4th gigs in
the Bay Area. :-) VBG. Damn, here's a town looking for Dixieland and they
don't know who to call? What, are we still keeping Dixieland a secret?

Darn, when I cancelled a gig here because of an onerous contract provision,
the township immediately called 3 other Dixieland Bands on their list. (All
have since refused because of that contract clause) No need to advertise for
a Dixieland Band here. We are all visible.

Yeah, yeah, I'm shouting and being arrogant. Well if that is what some list
mates think, so be it. But in the meanwhile, get off your duffs and send
band info to every township within 100 miles of your base. Once every year.
You'll get more gigs than you can handle on July 4 and many other dates.

For goodness sakes, this is America's Music and July 4 is America.

Steve Barbone

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