[Dixielandjazz] "Written by the King Of Thailand"

Martin Nichols marnichols at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 13 04:18:22 PDT 2006

  Don't forget that Jack Teagarden played in Thailand
  and used to feature the King's song "When?". It was
  recorded on Jack's "Roundtable" LP. I was stationed 
  in Bangkok in the 60's and there was a place called "Starlite" or such in town. As Richard Stevens mentioned
  Lachie Thompson played clarinet there. I sat in with him
  a few times and didn't know then that the King played, or that Lachie played with the King. There was also a Philipino trombonist, Luna, I believe was his last name,
  who frequently played the Starlite. 
  I have heard that Jack Teagarden gave the King a gift of a trombone back when.

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