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Thu Jun 8 13:54:08 PDT 2006

Quoting Bill Gunter <jazzboard at hotmail.com>:

> So . . .
> (1) What, precisely is a euphonium (does the word "conical" fit in here
> anywhere)?
AFAIK, The general consensus is Greek(or maybe  
Latin)"Euphos"=Beautiful "Phonium" =Sound  but that is not proven. The  
Euphonium is conical bore, as is the tuba and Cornet and Fluglehorn.  
The term Baritone Horn was interchangable in the US, but not other  
parts of the world and many US Euphonists have now been educated to  
know the diference ;-)  (Baritone, Tenor and Alto Horns tend to be  
less conical, leaning towards the trumpet family.) Double-Bell  
Euphoniums were supposed to combine the two families with a Bb Euph  
conical and a Tenor Horn straight bore section, with some variation.

Somewhere there is a chart with all the variations in brasswind names  
around the world - I will try to find it later...
> (2) What is the plural of euphonium (probably depends on which grammar
> rules you follow)?

Euphonia, Euphoniums, a bunch of Euphonies, who the heck knows!

Dave Richoux
Not a stupid question at all!

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