[Dixielandjazz] Repetition of posts.

Lowell Busching verbose at daktel.com
Thu Jun 8 08:58:54 PDT 2006

Perhaps Bob Ringwald has already said something again about this. 
Probably as usual to no avail. This time. since he likes the Mad Dawg 
title he has put on me, I might as well be the fall guy.

I have returned from the Sacramento Jubilee, where as a none musician I 
got my kicks doing the sound in the Sheraton Ballroom for the musicians 
I know. (So their wives and/or girlfriends didn't have to do it or a 
rock soundman) Bob talked me into subscribing to the DJML again.  The 
biggest share of the postings are original posts, but the first two or 
three digests I have received since returning consist in great parts of 
entire quotes, rather then relevant snips, from previously already long 
emails. Some do the partial quotes (snips) quite well.

With the email ID of Verbose, chosen by myself, I am a firm believer in 
that if there is anything that can be said in 25 words or less, it can 
also be said much easier in 500 words or more.  I believe this is a 
proven scientific fact, discovered under efficiency testing.  Adding the 
other persons 500 words or more to your own often few words does not 
count toward reaching that goal.  It is VERY easy to edit return email.
Are you all really commenting on EVERY item even in a list of items?

If you are, my apology for bugging you again on this, and I will 
continue to leave it to Bob to periodically make comments on that.  With 
sufficient encouragement, I will again resign from the list.

Yes I DO know how to use my own delete key, but sometimes there are 
great gems buried in those long repeats, usually at the end, so I HAVE 
to scroll through the repeats or I will miss them! Please have pity.

Mad Dawg

PS  Did I make my own goal?

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