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Falconi was one of the all time greats on Euphonium/Baritone and recognized
as such, world wide.

The Michigan State band, under his direction, could and did compete with any
one. (No I was not a member.)


Martin D. McKay

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Don Hale wrote <The Leonard Falcon Tuba Euphonic Program.> That would be
for Leanard Falconi -- the i at the end procounced  "ee" 
- who was the long time directorof bands at Michigan State, my alma mater.
He was an artist on the big horns, and a fine conductor of one of the better
college bands, I tranferred in in my junior year from Colorado College and
had to audition for the band. I passed and was accepted, but because of a
change of major, I had to decline to join because of having to carry extra
hours to make up for the  losses in tranferring.
Blue Lake is still going strong - and they have an FM station that does
feature jazz in its schedule, though mainly of modern/contemporary styles,
though once iin a while they feature a classic player of the OKOM school.

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