[Dixielandjazz] Old stuff that we cherish

Laurence Swain l.swain at comcast.net
Mon Jun 5 20:05:42 PDT 2006

Steve the B wrote:

> I can remember hearing Dixieland on the radio while in grammar school
> and high school in NYC. Several afternoon shows featured it. From 1945
> on.
> Today, almost all of that is forgotten except by us gray beards, It
> was a grand time of wine, women and song when jazz was both visceral
> and danceable. And, the music of choice at High Schools and Colleges.
> Too bad we can't go home again.

 I heard it, too.  I put together a small band, that played "standards" and Dixie tunes in the 
early 50's. and worked thru high school and college -- we were all mesmorized by the 
stuff we heard then in the 50's OKOM revival, and we played the stuff.  I loved it from the 
start, and have never stopped loving it.  More and more, as the years roll by.

Been playing ever since -- been "the backup pianner player of last resort" for a few area 
bands for the past few years, and couldn't be loving it more.  Have a new granddaughter 
of 16 mo who loves this music (I play ir for her, and she dances to it), and you can likely 
imagine how I'll deal with that...

Larry Swain

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