[Dixielandjazz] Jubilee note

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 3 12:53:45 PDT 2006

Just a thought that while individual comments are great feedback, from a
marketing standpoint, they need to be filtered somewhat.

IMO, from a marketing point of view, any venture needs a goal or mission
statement. Then all activity should be focused on the mission.

Should the Jubilee be all Dixieland? Good question. As individuals we might
say yes, but then does that satisfy the mission? etc.

If Sacto wishes to draw large crowds, and make money fore their various
programs, then they faced with appealing to the mass audience, as well as
individual trad oriented fans. That would seem to indicate that a music mix
is necessary. But even so, from DJML comments, it seems that there is plenty
of Trad there, however much of the good stuff couldn't be heard by all who
wished to hear it.

What is the Jubilee's Mission? Once it is clearly defined, then the courses
of action will become a bit clearer to attendees.

Another consideration is that Sacto now faces mass audience competition with
the Aspen Snowmass produced Sonoma Jazz Festival which is not far away, on
the same weekend and seems now to be permanent, after their second annual
festival event last week.

This is a major mass audience festival, with headliners like Tony Bennett,
Natalie Cole, SF Gypsy Swing Band, Houston Person, Rebirth Brass Band,
Herbie Hancock et al in addition to about 20 less well known jazz bands of
various types, including Dixieland, (Mal Sharpe) from the Bay Area.
Different music, to be sure, by they are competing for the same mass
audience and charging special admission for the "big time" headliners who
perform in special venues.

As Nancy Giffin pointed out, the jubilee is not easy to produce. And it
takes a dedicated group of special people to think it out and satisfy most
of the people who attend. Can it satisfy everybody? No and that shouldn't
bother anybody. 

Steve Barbone

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