[Dixielandjazz] Jubilee Sacto

Robert Smith robert.smith at tele2.no
Fri Jun 2 09:14:26 PDT 2006

As an all-knowing know-it-all let me comment on John McClernan's statement
> It's "Buddha" not "Budda".

In this context it's "the Buddha" not just "Buddha".
My interpretation is that the original "Budda Bless America" referred to the 
Buddha, viz. Gautama Siddhartha who attained enlightenment under the sacred 
bo tree in the village of Buddh Gaya (also spelt Buddha Gaya or Bodh Gaya) 
some 500 years B.C.

The isolated name "buddha" refers to any person who has achieved perfect 
enlightenment or to an image of the Buddha.

The Dixieland has never to my knowledge been named in this context.

Bob Smith

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