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This is an area that I try to follow closely.
Here is the FAA Letter which you can print from this site:
And from Transportation Security Administration
Now the real practices:
Totally dependent on airline and often on the mood of the chief cabin  
attendant who gets to make the final call.  Almost none are allowing an  extra carry 
on plus the instrument in the current crowded planes.  Advice  from most is 
that to have it packed sufficiently that it can endure gate  checking.  To 
clear security, remove everything from the case except the  instrument and pack in 
checked luggage.
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Does  anybody remember  some pronouncement by the government or the airlines  
that musicians should continue (post 9-1-1) to be allowed to carry on  
instruments to prevent their being trashed while checked?  I'm  getting ready 
to take a couple of trips to play & was thinking a copy  of same might help 
me avoid arguing with unsympathetic airline  personnel.  My instrument is 
bone (hard case.

My brother  thought he remembered some discussion here, so I checked a lot of 
forum  archives but failed to find anything.

Thanks for the help.

Ed  Stoddard

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