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>A question for anyone familiar with the true Red Nichols history. Tell me  if 
>this is a true story or was someone putting the new kid on? In 1954 I took a  
>job in a department store in Champaign, Illinois, to help pay for my college  
>education. I also had a steady job in a Dixieland band, (how sweet it was!). 
>In  that department store was a clerk with immensly thick glasses. The older 
>guys  said he played drums with the Red Nichols band and developed cataracts. 
>On his  way through Champaign, this drummer dropped out and took the best job 
>he could  find, I guess. He said little, when I questioned him, but he didn't 
>deny that  the story was true. Does it sound true to you guys?
>Dan (Backup Piano)  Spink
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Turnover in Red's larger orchestra in the 1930's was fairly high. Red 
was a perfectionist and demanding on his players, so the  ones with thin 
skins dropped out.  So it could be true, but it could also have been 
someone who subbed a night or two and forever after made claim to having 
worked with
him.Flip a coin and take your best guess as to validity.
Don Ingle

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