[Dixielandjazz] The Robert E. Lee Riverboat

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Wed Sep 28 22:10:50 PDT 2005

Hey Deacon Romans,

I'll buy that thing if you loan me fifty bucks for the down payment, 
and Steve Barbone and Larry will co-sign for me for the rest,and I'll 
throw in the Golden Gate Bridge which I got a great deal on last week 
for collateral.

Heck they should see the value in that with $4.00 a car cash flow 
coming into the city every day.  :))

Not a bad horse trade the way I see it.   Can we fish off the Robt. E. 
Lee  or is is just a brothel?

We can even put Cellblock 7 on as the house Orchestra.  And with all 
that wind coming up the river well.... I better not go there.


REv. Tom Bob  who will be happy to be capt. and conduct wedding s and 
funeral shipboard as well.

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   Is this the same boat? It looks pretty healthy to me...
I found this on Google...


Warm regards,
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